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Zandrea MarketingRep

The doctors and staff are very caring and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

San Mateo Chiropractor
Peak Potential

Exceptional service and the treatments actually work! Highly recommend!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Media Guru

The staff is very nice and considerate of your time.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Department Billing

Would give 10 stars if it were possible!!!!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Carrie L

I've been seeing Dr. Canty for about 2 years now, and have nothing but praise for his chiropractic techniques and knowledge. He uses several methods including The Zone healing technique, which is a fascinating and effective means of chiropractic/overall health. His office environment is always friendly and inviting -- a wonderful experience all around.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Erin Fleming McCloskey

Dr Canty believes in using the least invasive procedures. He wants all his patients to be living the healthiest, lowest stress life they can. I have far less pain in my knees and neck since beginning my treatment -almost none, actually. Dr Canty and the lady-boss office manager Lorena are fun to talk with and the central location is great too.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA

After 5 years of back and sciatica-like pain, 6 different doctors, numerous procedures, injections, PT, acupuncture, etc....Dr Canty was able to get me to a point of being 98% pain free. I think it was a combination of spinal decompression and other modalities that he used. It took several months, but he never gave up and I never gave up on him. Being pain free is amazing and there aren't words to express my appreciation for his care and commitment.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Douglas DeSalvo

Dr. Canty is a great chiropractor. He cares, he listens and he gets results. His experience makes a difference. You are in good "Hands" with Dr. Canty.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Noelle B

I was experiencing hip pain and thought I would need to have surgery. Thanks to Dr. Canty my pain is under control and I am able to be much more active. He uses a variety of techniques to get results. He's a healer!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Barbara Delantoni

I have been seeing Dr. Canty for several years, originally for problems with my back and more recently for a problem with my neck. I go in every 3 weeks for a "tuneup" and find myself able to move with ease and comfort, particularly compared to others my age :)

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Julie S.

I started seeing Dr. Canty about 6 weeks ago, for a neck problem that has been plaguing me for years. I've seen a number of other doctors for it, and had been (mis) diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and arthritis. Dr. Canty showed me on x-rays how my neck has lost it's mobility and was in the early stages of spinal dysfunction, and where I had lost the natural curve to that part of my spine. With several weeks of treatment, I have more mobility in my neck than I've had for years, and feel so much better. It's wonderful to know that I have a correctable problem, don't need surgery or steroid shots, and can feel this much better so quickly. It's great to have a doctor who correctly analyzes the problem, and corrects it, versus continually treating the symptoms. Visiting the office is a wonderful experience, with his assistant Lorena ("Lolo") who is so responsive and professional, while being warm and caring. If you suffer from back issues, compression, or "tech-neck" - I highly recommend Canty Chiropractic

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Tom E.

I have been having back and hip problems for several years. I have visited orthopedists, physical therapists and several chiropractors. Chiropractors I visited before Dr. Canty helped reduce the problem, however Dr. Canty was able to identify the cause with x-ray and provide treatment that made my hip and back problems disappear like they never existed. Just in a matter of a few months. He (and his staff) will give you his honest and direct opinion without sugar-coating it. Overall a very good chiropractic experience!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Catherine S.

I've been going ti Dr. Canty for nearly 10 years. He helped (tremendously) to straightened the ape walk that I went into his office with and has maintained my alignment ever since. He's very personable as well as being professional while keeping a good sense of humor. I've seen many of his patients hobble in and come out walking much better. Also, I can say that I don't have back problems due to the ongoing maintenance that I continue to do with Dr. Canty. In addition to the good Dr., Lorena is an awesome PA and I look forward to seeing her when I have an appointment. I highly recommend you make an appointment, you won't be sorry.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Barbara D.

I have been seeing Dr. Canty for a number of years. I mentioned to a friend that my back was bothering me and she highly recommended him. After some intensive treatment at the beginning, I now go on a regular basis to keep my back "tuned up". I definitely feel better and am more mobile. Dr. Canty and his staff make me feel cared for. I'm not just a patient, but a member of a family. Speaking of which, my son now sees Dr. Canty on a regular basis too :)

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Ted R.

I have been seeing Dr. Barry Canty for several years now to help with those aches and pain as we age. He is an excellent chiropractor and has never let me down. He is very compassionate and an excellent listener. One of the things I like best about him is he is always learning, keeping up with the latest treatments. Just recently I went to see him with neck pain, something that does not normally bother me. He had a new device to help and I walked out of his office feeling so much better. His assistant Lorena is also excellent and speaks Spanish. I highly recommend Dr. Canty.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Sabrina R.

I can't say enough about Dr Canty. I was approved for back surgery last year. The pain was awful. I couldn't walk without holding onto things. The surgeon told me the surgery should help the pain but my back would never be the same again. I pictured being slouched over the rest of my life. I was a skeptic in chiropractic care. I started seeing Dr Canty. He sat with me and explained every picture in my MRI which the spine dr never did. He explained the treatment of spinal decompression. Said we could try it for a few weeks to see if it was working before signing up for the full treatment. So we did that and it worked! I am so thankful. I have had other positive improvements in my health that are all related to my back. I am very grateful to be walking and moving without pain. Never thought it would be possible. Lorena the office manager is so kind as well. She's been great in scheduling appointments and greeting me with a smile. Wish I could give 10 stars

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Gabe L.

Dr. Canty is the best! I don't have to lie on a bag of ice anymore during my coffee break at work. He is the only thing that really helped with my lower back injury and I continue to see him once a week for maintenance. I went in out of desperation, and left hopeful. Say hi to Lorena for me as well. She's AWESOME too!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Suzanne N.

I have been seeing Dr. Canty for many many years. When I first started seeing Dr. Canty I had recently had a car accident, and he really helped relieve me of alot of my back pain. As time went on I found out that I had a herniated disc and was having sever lower back pain . Dr. Canty started decompression and that helped so much. One thing that I really like about Dr. Canty, he always stays up with new technology and is always willing to try everything to make me pain free and a very happy patient. Many times I have had flare ups and with in a week he has me back to walking pain free. I suffer from very bad migrains and all I have to do is make one phone call to Lorena and she schedules an appointment for me and my migrain is for the most part gone. I am so greatful for finding such a wonderful Chiropractor that cares about my health. There are no word for someone who can make you pain free when you suffer from pain for a long time. The knowledge that he passing on to his patients is priceless. You can't ask for a better Dr. then that.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Ceci M.

Dr. Canty is a dedicated chiropractor. He has helped me work through 2 crippling injuries. I couldn't have functioned without his therapy regimens.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Brandon F.

Let's talk about Canty! I was referred to Dr. Canty by my admin who has been visiting this chap since 1989. He's a nice guy.. yadda yadda, his staff is super sweet yadda yadda, but I was there for a reason.. my back. I will get back to him in a few. So my L3 L4 vertebrae have only slightly a disc in between and the starts of the bone fusing together. When I arrived at Dr. Canty's office, I had no prior knowledge of what was going on in my lower back. All I knew was that it hurt and I needed a hug (a very strong one to adjust me). Reading one of the previous reviews by Melissa.. My experience was totally different. After the exam, Dr. Canty was really clear on what should happen over the course of my treatment. He knew that I was active outdoors and we discussed the gym, what not to do while I am healing, and so on. Also he was upfront with what it was going to cost me from day 1. Never did I feel like I was getting the run around. Now I am a techie at heart so I used my iPhone to take a picture of my x-rays and emailed them out to friends that are doctors, spoke with family members who worked for a physical therapy clinic and all were clear that I should give it a shot. I knew that this was not a fix, but more a step to getting some relief and reclaiming my life. I was recommended the decompression treatment and started it with a smile. I was determine to do anything I could to help my body heal without going to a doctor who was going to recommend that back surgery is the only way out of this mess. Now to let you in on a secret.. This was all in the first quarter of 2010. As of today, I have been relatively alleviated from lower back issues. * Thank the Heavens* I try to go in every now and then to get an adjustment but only when necessary. I consider myself on maintenance instead of train wreck. Canty is a good guy. He's honest maybe sometimes too honest for some as the truth hurts, but I think that is what we want from someone in the medical profession. I treasure my spine as it's the only one I get in my lifetime. I work for an Enrolled Agent w/ the IRS. I am a Yes or No guy.. No in between. I can spot someone giving me a line rather quick and I attribute it to my line of work. I am in the gym 5 days a week , kayak and outrigger regularly. Dr. Canty in my opinion is a great chiropractor and I recommend him whenever I see a opportunity. If you are skeptical, start with an exam and take a moment to get to know him and his personality. Feel free to ask me a question. Brandon F.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Michael Y.

I was referred to Dr. Canty several months ago by my coworker because of what my primary doctor called a pinch nerve. I was in great discomfort as well as worried because it was the second time it had occurred to me within the past several months. When I went to my physician to see how I can relieve the pain all I was given was pain medication and was asked to stretch. I was not given any specifications on what stretches I should do or what I can do to prevent it from happening again. This is one of the biggest reason as to why I decided to go and see a chiropractor. My first impression of Dr. Canty's team was great. I called to see if I can get an appointment and they immediately offered to see me the same day. Unfortunately I was busy that day, but they were more than happy to work with my schedule. My first impression of Dr. Canty is that he is a very personable guy. He is straightforward and informative. I got my X ray done the first day so that he can further assess what's needed to be done to relieve my pain as well as a physical exam. By the second time I came back, he informed me of what's causing the pain on my back, what I should do to prevent it from happening again, and what's the next step to improve my future health. He broke down a plan for me and I've since been seeing him for treatment. My back has improved tremendously since my first visit and I'm completely happy with the service they provide.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Paula C.

This place is overall the best. Their front desk staff are helpful, polite and they accomodate your work schedule. I've seen Dr. Hindocha on serveral occasions. He is just the bomb! Really knows his stuff! I have an old injury where my tailbone slips out into my sciatic nerve and it is an excruciating pain. I can't even sneeze or laugh without it hurting. One trip to see Dr. Hindocha and I am freed from pain. Also, with my line of work I have to stand all day long, so he adjusts my spine. He is so knowledgeable and has given me lots of helpful information on how to stand properly and use my body in ways that prevent injury. If you are having back pain I definately recommend you visit Dr. Hindocha so you can function pain free once again. You will not regret it!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Thomas T.

am on my feet all day. I need the fantastic alignments that the doctors at Peninsula Spine & Health Center can do !! They seem to know what I feel & need every visit. They access the problem start the treatment to get you right quickly. Cheers to Dr. Canty & Dr. Hindocha..... Thanks to everyone at Peninsula Spine & Health Center for providing such quality care!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
April Y.

I was a patient of Dr. Canty's for 10 years and in those 10 years, he and Dr. Hindocha, along with their staff, Lorena and Sheila helped me stay well. I initially came to Dr. Canty for low back pain due to my scoliosis along with getting misaligned regularly from 5-6 hours of daily dog walking (my job). I can happily say I no longer suffer from back pain and I've remained healthy all these years due to Dr. Canty and staff. About 6 months ago, I had problems with my neck and shoulders and by treating me through traction which decompressed the cervical section of my spine, I no longer suffer from neck/shoulder pain and my range of motion improved. On one occasion, I had just left Dr. Canty's office from getting my regular adjustment and 4.5 hours later I was in a car accident that left my body pretty sore. Instead of calling my general practitioner, I called Dr. Canty and told him what happened. Although it was closing time, he told me to come over right away. After evaluating my condition, Dr. Canty gave me a treatment of ultrasound and I have to say, the next day I had very little soreness and no pain and I know I have Dr. Canty to thank for in keeping me healthy. I believe had I not been seeing Dr. Canty on a regular basis for preventative maintenance purposes, the outcome of my car accident would have left me in far worst shape and I would have been out of work for a long time. As it turned out, I was able to work the next day. Everyone there is friendly, helpful and is always looking out for your well-being. Not only is this a wonderful place to get well and stay well, it's a place you can feel safe and know you are in good hands. I've referred friends to Dr. Canty and I know after you have been treated by Dr. Canty and his staff, you will too! Stay well!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
L D.

I am pleased to provide a very positive report for Dr. Canty and Lorena. I was visiting a friend in San Mateo and in need of a neck adjustment. Dr. Canty agreed to see me on very short notice and provided wonderful relief, in spite of my only being in town for the weekend.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
nicole m.

January 2013, my L5 disc was protruding causing it to pinch my sciatic nerve (no known cause on how it occurred but the pain was unbearable and I could barely walk). The next month I had a cortisone epidural and began speaking to a surgeon about spine surgery. I decided to seek chiropractic healing before going under the knife (something I never thought I'd ever need). I researched decompression therapy on-line and figured I'd give it a try. A friend referred me to Dr. Canty's office. I went in as soon as I was able to walk. I immediately felt at ease with Lorena, Dr. Canty's assistant. She is such a great asset to the office! Dr. Canty is very personable, made me feel very comfortable and was never pushy. By the end of February, I was on a 3 times a week of decompression therapy schedule and I felt relief right away. I am proof that this really works. I now only go once every other week and my back feels fantastic. Sooo glad I chose therapy and not surgery. If I ever hear someone complain of back pain, I always recommend Dr. Canty!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Renee S.

I have had chronic neck problems for about 15 years. My neck had been very achy and stiff making it difficult to turn my head. It affected my shoulders, upper back and my hands would fall asleep. I have been to several Therapists, Physiatrists and Orthopedic Doctors. I was diagnosed with extensive degenerative disc disease between C 3/4 to C 6/7 along with several other complications - what a mess! It was recommended by a few Doctors to try steroid injections. I had 3 sets done which made my situation worse and there were a lot of side effects. I had to up my daily dose of NSAIDS and tried Vicodin and a muscle relaxer, nothing was helping. I had been going to Physical Therapy twice a week and then met with an Orthopedic Surgeon who told me surgery on my neck would be major. He would have to fuse and plate C3 to C7, there is only about a 30% chance it would take and there could be many complications. Obviously, I want to avoid surgery and do whatever it takes to slow down or stop the discs from degenerating. I was scheduled to have a 4th injection when I found out about Spinal Decompression Therapy at Peninsula Spine & Health Center. I got an appointment with Dr. Canty right away, was given a thorough exam and had an X-ray taken. Dr. Canty also reviewed my MRI and thoroughly explained my situation to me as well as a treatment plan. He was very honest and said there was a 50% chance the Therapy would help because my situation is so severe. I started the Therapy immediately and canceled the appointment for the injection. I am pleased to say that now I am not nearly as stiff, my neck hardly aches and there's no more pain in my shoulders and upper back. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Canty, Dr. Hindocha, Lorena and Sheila. They explained my situation in layman's terms so I could understand what is happening with me. They all work together, are very honest, truly care about the patient and the treatment works. I would highly recommend Peninsula Spine & Health Center for back and neck pain.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Helen M.

When I first went to see Dr Canty at the Peninsula Spine and Health Center I was in a lot of pain. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and I did not want to take the traditional medical route as I felt sure the only options it offered were medication or surgery. I had difficulty raising my right arm, turning my head was painful and my neck and shoulders were stiff and sore all the time. I was also suffering from migraines. Overall, I was pretty miserable. Dr Canty assured me could help but it would take time. He explained my condition and how he would treat it in language I could understand and I decided to begin treatment. I saw the doctor for a few month and I am happy to report that I am feeling much better! I am no longer in pain and can now enjoy lots of activities that i used to avoid because of the pain. I have only had one migraine since I started treatment and I am feeling a lot happier. Dr. Canty and his staff are amazing. Sheila and Lorena at the front desk are wonderful. They are caring, warm and professional and always worked with my schedule. The atmosphere in the office is relaxed and welcoming. They encouraged me to keep coming back when I felt that treatment was taking too long and I wanted to give up. Dr. Canty explained that a lots of people don't realize that it often takes time to treat a condition like mine. After all, it took years for it to get as bad as it did. I am really glad I listened and did not give up before I started to feel better!

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
Kosuke I.

due to my own stupidity, I injured my ankle something awful--I won't get into the details of it, but it involved an honest mistake coupled with testosterone fuel idiocy leading to an ankle crushing experience. I put myself in the calm and collected hands of Dr. Rommel, who, without judgement, guided my limping self back to health, and has put me on a workout regimen to avoid a recurrence of the injury. While I can't personally vouch for his back fixing skills (although I know a couple of folk who have managed to get their back problems under control with a few weeks with him), he's well versed in working with you to ameliorate the various physical ailments that might afflict you.

Chiropractor San Mateo CA
merk m.

Recently, like this week, saw Dr. Rommel Hindocha for some returning back pain I had in 2003. After my first visit, I felt such release from the pressure I was feeling on my disks. I have seen chiropractors before but had never experienced such relief. Other chiros wanted me to keep coming back and I just wanted to get better. I highly recommend you see Dr. Hindocha he is thorough, caring and also a very nice man. I'm happy to report I was able to return to my exercise regimen of walking the hills of Hillsborough and San Mateo. If you don't believe me check him out for yourself. Happy travels.

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